Deep Are the Eyes’ is the first single of the upcoming new Novastar album ‘Holler and Shout’. Recorded with Mikey Rowe, Joost Zweegers’ wingman and musical soulmate ever since John Leckie (who produced 2014’s ‘Inside Outside’) had to turn down production duties for ‘In the Cold Light of Monday’ (2018). In Mikey’s studio in Brighton Joost Zweegers has found a second home for his muse.  ‘Deep Are the Eyes’ is prove of that. There’s no need for an intro, as Joost joins the piano right away, building up to a chorus as bright and delicate as the morning sky. It’s McCartney-esque (‘I surely hope so,’ Joost would say), there’s a hint of the grand Oasis in there, and it gets you right away. It’s as classic Novastar as it gets.


‘Deep are the eyes of the one who knows

 Ask me a question and I’ll tell you

What I want you to know’.


What he wants us to know today, is that he can still write a three minute pop gem like noone else. Enjoy!